Scrap Metal Dealer in Chester

You Can Rely on a Professional Scrap Metal Dealer in Deeside

An expert scrap metal dealer in Deeside is available to assist you with the scrap you’d like to get rid of. As a council and environment agency approved scrap metal dealer, we ensure that all your scrap metal pieces are responsibly and ethically recycled. As such, we take great care to adhere to all the relevant health and safety requirements. In addition, our experts have the experience and the skill to ensure an excellent service. Moreover, we offer a range of services that will meet your specific needs. We offer scrap metal collection services, along it factory clearances and industrial demolition. Further, we also have a range of different sized skips for the storage of your scrap metal.

For your business in Deeside, a scrap metal dealer can assist you with recycling your waste metal. If you have a business that provides services relating to metal products, it is likely that you generate large amounts of metal off cuts that won’t be used again. Thus, we’re happy to take them off your hands. We offer fair and honest prices for your scrap metal. Furthermore, if you use our skip hire services, you’ll be able to store the metal off cuts, out of harm’s way. When the scrap skip is full, we will collect it from your site, free of charge. You’ll find that our skip hire service is affordably priced and you can choose a range of skips best suited to your specific requirements. In addition, when we collect the scrap metal from you, we’ll pay you to prices for them.

You can rely on a professional scrap metal dealer in Deeside. As such, we’ve offered our services to our customers for over 60 years, establishing ourselves as professional, reliable scrap metal dealers of note.  Contact Spencer Industrial today if you’re looking for a reliable scrap metal dealer to assist you with your recycling efforts. Moreover, our factory clearance service is popular among our clients. We can remove everything from the building that is to be demolished. This includes desks, chairs, cabinets, computer parts and any scrap metal. Hence, our team has the skill and expertise to dismantle plant and machinery and correctly and safely dispose of them.