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If you are looking for industrial waste collection or recycling, we are here for you. At Spencer Industrial (North Wales) Limited, we offer a wide range of services including scrap metal collection, factory clearance and more.

We have over 60 years of experience in this line of business, so you can rest assured that you are getting services that are second to none. Take advantage of the services we offer in Wales.


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Why should you choose
Spencer Industrial Ltd

  • Industrial Demolition
  • Commercial and industrial services
  • Work and factory clearance
  • Free scrap metal collection
  • Large service area
  • Scrap metal recycling services
  • Personal and professional service

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Scrap Collection in North Wales

Scrap Collection in North Wales, Reliable, Completely Efficient and Prompt

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When you need prompt and reliable scrap collection in North Wales, we are the go-to people.

Scrap Collection in Queensferry

Scrap Collection in Queensferry, an Excellent Option for All our Clients

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Use our scrap collection in Queensferry for your business’ scrap metal pieces.

Scrap Metal Dealer in Wrexham

Choose a Registered Scrap Metal Dealer in Wrexham for Your Scrap Metal Needs

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If you’re searching for a registered scrap metal dealer in Wrexham, we’re available to assist you.

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