Efficient and Affordable Factory Clearance in Wirral by Expert Team

Factory Clearance in Wirral For efficient and affordable factory clearance in Wirral, get in touch with the specialists. We have more than sixty years’ experience in this business. We’ve earned a sterling reputation as scrap metal dealers throughout the North of England and Wales. We ensure that you get the right prices for your valuable metal scrap. Monetising waste metal that you have lying around is one of the most lucrative ways to turn ‘trash into cash’. Many factories regularly generate large amounts of waste metals. Others may be moving to new premises or clearing old equipment and furniture or obsolete machinery. We can grade the metals according to weight, quality and type and then provide you with the right price.

Our firm ticks all the right boxes for your requirements. In Wirral, factory clearance service that we offer is both affordable and efficient. Our North Wales facility deals exclusively with factory clearance solutions. We clear desks, chairs, cabinets, computer parts, machinery, tools, carpets and any other scrap metal on the premises. We’re experts in dismantling and disposing of plant and machinery parts. Once they are completely knocked down, our team ensures that these items are safely disposed of. As a responsible business owner, this helps you to do your bit for the environment, while earning some extra money as well. Scrap metal prices fluctuate according to the prevailing prices in the open market and we stay in touch with them. This helps us to give you the best and accurate prices.

An efficient factory clearance in Wirral is available when you give us a ring. We are reliable,  have the necessary equipment to transport heavy machinery, and the right tools to dismantle a plant. Contact Spencer Industrial if you are looking for a specialist team for a factory clearance. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we are the company you can rely on, every time. Moreover, we also offer a full scrap metal collection service, as well as affordable scrap metal skip hire. As we are council approved and licensed by the Environment Agency, you’ll have complete peace of mind that we adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations.