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Top Scrap Metal Dealer in Runcorn Assists with Ethical Recycling

Scrap Metal Dealer in RuncornThe leading scrap metal dealer in Runcorn can help you to monetise the “junk” in your attic or shed. We provide a convenient scrap collection service in the Deeside and North Wales regions, and beyond. No matter what the size of load, and the type of metal you have, we are glad to collect it. With more than six decades’ experience in this sector, we have built a sturdy reputation in the communities we serve. We put you, our customer, first in all our dealings. We know how difficult it is to transport unwieldy and bulky scrap. If you are undertaking a factory clearance, it involves handling large, heavy machinery and equipment. Our team provides you with all the facilities you need to load, transport and unload these items.

For our clients in Runcorn, scrap metal dealer services are regulated by several laws, both national and local. A metal trading licence must be issued by the local authorities. Merchants who deal without licences face heavy penalties and fines. Scrap merchants cannot pay their customers in cash. All payments have to be made via electronic bank transfer or cheque. Complete details of the seller have to be documented. Additionally, there are several laws on environmental impact, site licences, mobile trading, and more. We are in compliance with every one of the current regulations. You can rely on us to provide you with a legal and professional service every time.

The leading scrap metal dealer in Runcorn is available to assist. Though prices are determined by the London Metals Exchange, all scrap merchants may not give you a good price. We ensure that you get the best price based on the quality, type and weight of metal. Contact Spencer Industrial today for more information on how our team can assist you. Our range of services includes factory demolition, commercial and industrial clearance, scrap metal recycling and more. As experts in this sector, we make it smoother and easier for you to complete your transactions. It is our responsibility to provide you with safe and stress-free services. You may be in the trade business where scrap metal is generated on a regular basis. Or it could be a one-off transaction. Either way, we’re glad to provide the right assistance.