Scrap Metal Dealer in North Wales

Scrap Metal Dealer in North Wales is the One You Can Rely On

Scrap Metal Dealer in North Wales You can improve your margins with a reliable scrap metal dealer in North Wales. Instead of disposing of your waste metal, you can sell it for scrap. The extra income from selling scrap instead of paying for its disposal can significantly improve your profits. The scrap industry in the UK is thriving because of the high value of recycled metal around the world. Several manufacturers import scrap from the UK for use in production processes. Selling scrap metal for reuse or recycling is also good for the environment as it reduces waste. Recycling is being encouraged around the world to reduce reliance on freshly made material in production. Working with a reputable dealer ensures your scrap is handled responsibly with ethical practices that meet the industry’s health and safety standards.

Reputable scrap dealers follow the London Metal Exchange (LME) to ensure you get the best prices. In North Wales, scrap metal dealers offer varying prices. We offer better prices than the brokers because we seek long-term customer relationships. Integrity and customer loyalty have enabled our company to thrive in the scrap industry for over 60 years. Through the years, we have established a formidable network of scrap sellers, buyers and recyclers. By recycling in bulk, we can buy scrap from any size seller, from domestic individual collectors to industrial producers. We collect your scrap for free, so you don’t incur the logistics hassles or costs. Our staff does the heavy lifting so that you don’t need to.

Our scrap metal dealer in North Wales has a large service that simplifies the collection and sorting processes. We have enough space to collect any amount of scrap you can generate. We also provide industrial demolition and factory clearance where necessary. Contact Spencer Industrial today if you need a reliable scrap metal dealer. We have vast experience in the scrap metal recycling business and can prove to be a formidable partner. You can leverage our knowledge, equipment and expertise to launch a profitable scrap metal business with little or no prior experience.