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Scrap Collection in North Wales, Reliable, Completely Efficient and Prompt

Scrap Collection in North WalesWhen you need prompt and reliable scrap collection in North Wales, we are the go-to people. Spencer Industrial has extensive experience in this sector. Our services include scrap metal collection, industrial demolition and factory clearance. As a registered scrap metal dealer, we can assist you to easily and quickly dispose of your metal waste, at attractive rates. We are council approved and licensed by the Environment Agency. This means that we are in full compliance with the latest guidelines and regulations. It also means that we strictly adhere to all the health and safety rules mandated by the agency. We can collect your copper, aluminium, lead, brass and stainless steel scrap.

For businesses in North Wales, scrap collection helps many businesses to improve their financial bottom line. If your business produces regular quantities of scrap or it’s a one-off service, we are can also provide skip collection. Our collection service is free, and we cover a large service area. You can choose from services such as Arctic, Bulk Tipper, Low Loader and skip hire. Scrap prices are determined by the rates that are prevalent on the London Metals Exchange. These rates fluctuate constantly, and we have modern systems that ensure that we get the latest information immediately. That is why we are able to give you the best prices every time. Other factors that influence price are the type and grade of metal, location, quantity and condition besides the current market value.

Services providing scrap collection in North Wales must keep their licenses up to date. Our website provides you with information about our exemption license and waste carrier’s license numbers. Recycling and reusing metals helps to save a valuable, finite resource and avoid more ore mining on the planet. It also keeps metals out of landfills and prevents contamination of soil and water. Contact Spencer Industrial for more information on our services. While choosing a scrap service, ensure that you select a well-established and licensed company. We have the experience and expertise to handle a comprehensive  range of metals. We maintain state of the art equipment to help us provide you with the best facilities.