Factory Clearance in Wirral

Professionally Completed Factory Clearance in Wirral

Factory Clearance in WirralIt’s important to select a reliable, high-quality firm for factory clearance in Wirral. Spencer Industrial offers a comprehensive range of services that include scrap metal collection, factory clearance and more. We have more than sixty years’ experience in this sector and are proud to be one of the leading firms in this region. We offer top quality industrial demolition, industrial/commercial services,  work and factory clearance, scrap metal collection and recycling. Our premises are located in a large and spacious area, with modern equipment. What clients value besides our rates is our professional and personalised services. Every client is important to us, no matter how large or small the extent of business.

For businesses in Wirral, factory clearance helps you to safely and lucratively dispose of old and unusable equipment and machinery. Our highly trained, qualified and licensed staff can also clear furniture, cabinets, computer parts, carpets and other scrap metal and appliances on the premises. We can undertake clearance of factories of any size and complexity. Our working methods are tailored to your special requirements. Our team will liaise with yours to plan the project and assess the risks, based on the specifications. We can assist you with the actual dismantling of machinery or equipment, arrange for lifting and transportation and finally recycling the parts that can be safely salvaged. We are council approved and licensed by the Environmental Agency and can collect all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Factory clearance in Wirral conducted by us is a full service that takes care of several aspects. This includes strict compliance with all the current laws and safety regulations. Our safe and cost-effective clearance services can help you to recover the maximum value from waste and recyclable assets. In case you have hazardous materials such as chemicals or asbestos on the premises, we will have to make separate arrangements for safe disposal. We can clear and clean the yards, vehicle or machinery bays and temperature-controlled environments. For more details about our factory clearance services, contact Spencer Industrial today. All our projects are undertaken with minimum disruption to your work, employees or neighbours. We can undertake demolition and clearance work for hospitals, government institutions, small and large factories and industrial units.