Factory Clearance in Wrexham

For a Professional Factory Clearance in North Wales, Use the Best

Factory Clearance in North WalesIncrease your scrap metal earnings with our excellent quality factory clearance in North Wales. At Spencer Industrial, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include industrial and factory demolition and clearance, scrap metal recycling, free collection of scrap metal from your site, commercial and industrial services. We offer an extensive service area for your convenience. No matter what the size, volume and load of your scrap metal, we collect free of charge, whether it’s a one-off or regular service. Skip hire, low loader, bulk tipper or Arctic services are provided.

Located in North Wales, factory clearance services provided by our team are professionally manged. With more than six decades’ of experience in this sector, we enjoy a reputation for ethical practices, excellent rates and quality service. For factory clearance services, you can rely on us to clear old equipment, heavy machinery and metal furniture swiftly and efficiently. Industrial demolition services help to clear ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals include iron alloy, cast iron and steel. Non ferrous metals include copper, aluminium, zinc and all metals that don’t contain iron. Non ferrous metals are more rare, while ferrous metals are relatively common. These metals have different values and it’s important to separate them correctly to get the right value for each one.

While undertaking factory clearance in North Wales, we ensure that we take the time and effort to classify the metals correctly and weigh them accurately. This helps to give you the right price. Metal prices fluctuate according to daily prices announced in the London market. We stay in sync with these rates and give you the current value for your metals. One of the issues that we advise our clients about is to ensure that their metals are protected from rust. This helps to ensure that they’re weighed correctly and fetch the best price. Contact Spencer Industrial for more useful tips and information. Our client base extends throughout the North West of England and North Wales. You may require transportation to the recycling site and we offer the best solutions suited to the size and weight of the load.