Factory Clearance in Mold

Factory Clearance in Mold, Reliable and Highly Professional

Factory Clearance in MoldGet the best deal for scrap metal from your factory clearance in Mold. Today, a large percentage of the crude steel manufactured across the world is from recycled metals. With more and more environmentally conscious companies ensuring responsible practices, the demand for scrap is very high. The scrap market is booming at this point. Whether you generate a regular output of scrap metal, or you want a one-off clearance, it’s important to pick the right merchant. Ours is a family-owned, local business. We have more than six decades’ experience in this sector. We undertake industrial waste collection and recycling across North Wales, the neighbouring areas and beyond.

Our services include industrial demolition, work and factory clearance, free scrap metal collection across a wide area and recycling services. In Mold, factory clearance undertaken by our team provides you with much-needed extra cash to add to your bottom line. Our fully trained team offers a complete service. You may be relocating or restructuring your business. Factories have large collections of equipment, manufacturing waste, machinery, old stock, furniture and appliances. These contain huge amounts of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. There could be some amount of hazardous waste. Our aim, like yours, is to keep the landfill waste to the absolute minimum.

Factory clearance in Mold can be undertaken once you know exactly what metals you are offering as scrap. Ferrous metals can rust when exposed to the weather. Protect your scrap as much as possible. Rust can eat into the metal and reduce its weight and value. Our team can provide you with more such valuable tips. Contact Spencer Industrial for more information on our services. To ensure that you get the best prices for your metals, we keep in close contact with the London Metals Market where metal prices are determined. These prices fluctuate frequently, and we make sure that we give you up to date rates. To get better rates, it is a smart move to separate your metals according to type and quality if possible. Copper and aluminium yield better rates, but they could be hidden in a mass of other scrap.