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Efficient and Reliable Scrap Collection in Runcorn

Scrap Collection in RuncornTransform your trash into cash with our efficient scrap collection in Runcorn

We’re a well-established, reputed and trustworthy business, with several decades’ experience in this sector. We specialise in factory clearance, industrial demolition and scrap collection throughout the North Wales and Deeside regions. Whether you’re a private individual or a commercial one, we’re glad to provide the right assistance. We collect any size of load, and all types of scrap for free. You can avail of our Arctic, Bulk Tipper or Low Loader skip hire as well. We offer a full scrap metal service, and we purchase a comprehensive range of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, steel, lead or wire.

Our firm has the necessary council approvals and we are licensed by the Environment Agency. In Runcorn, scrap collection that we undertake is fully endorsed for health and safety measures, and in legal compliance with all the latest regulations. You can be sure that your scrap metal is being recycled responsibly and safely. Scrap metal accumulates in large quantities in construction sites, with plumbers and in automobile garages. When factories go out of business, or they upgrade their facilities, large amounts of scrap metal may become available. Homeowners can also find huge amounts of metal waste in their attics and garages. Instead of allowing this scrap to be dumped in a landfill, you can do your bit for the environment by selling it to a recycling agency. This will benefit you too, because metal scrap is a valuable source of profit. Certain metals such as copper, or precious metals such as platinum or rhodium are found in a variety of electrical and electronic devices.

Scrap collection in Runcorn becomes easier if you sort out the different types of metal. If possible, you can clean the metals and make them free of oil, dust and grime so that you get a fair price. Contact Spencer Industrial for more information about scrap collection services. Before you take your scrap to the collection agency, make sure that you know exactly what metals it contains. You can separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals beforehand, since this saves time, and you can get a better value.