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Efficient and Convenient Scrap Collection in Wirral

Scrap Collection in WirralWith our expert scrap collection in Wirral, you can help save the environment and stay in compliance with regulations. Today, most countries and local authorities insist on responsible disposal of scrap and failure to do this can attract severe penalties. Individuals and companies that generate scrap must ensure that they engage with licensed firms that can help them to follow the regulations. Spencer Industrial is a company with more than six decades’ experience in this sector. We offer a comprehensive range of services in scrap metal collection, factory clearance and more. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals can provide you with the right advice and help. We specialise in industrial demolition, commercial and industrial scrap services. These include factory clearance, free scrap metal collection and recycling services.

For businesses in Wirral, scrap collection services help to protect the environment. A huge quantity of scrap metal is generated by industries and this could end up in landfills. The result is ground water and soil contamination that could take generations to clear. The health and safety of residents and buildings would be at stake if steps are not taken to dispose of metal waste in an ecologically responsible manner. We offer a professional service with a personal touch. All our services can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Moreover, we have a large service area that can accommodate huge quantities of materials.

Our company is licensed by the Environment Agency, and council approved so you can be assured that our scrap collection in Wirral is in keeping with national and local guidelines. We adhere to all the health and safety regulations mandated by the agency. You can contact Spencer Industrial today to find out more about our scrap collection services. Speak to our team to share your requirements with us and we will be happy to provide you with the right options. We can give you a free, no-obligations quote based on your specs. We purchase a large variety of non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead, brass, stainless steel, and aluminium.  Metal rates fluctuate daily on the London Metals Exchange and we ensure that you receive the current rates.