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Choose an Efficient and Convenient Scrap Collection in North Wales

Scrap Collection in North WalesA scrap collection in North Wales is both convenient and efficient. If your business is in an industry that produces metalwork, it is likely that it generates large amounts of scrap metal pieces. These pieces of metal aren’t likely to be re-used by your business and will need to be disposed of in a correct way. This is where we can assist. As a registered and approved scrap metal merchant, we offer a range of scrap metal services to all our customers. Among our services is a convenient and efficient scrap metal collection. We’re happy to collect any sized load, free of charge. In addition, we pay excellent prices for your scrap metal.

Your metal work business can take steps to lower its carbon footprint. In North Wales, a scrap collection will collect your business’ scrap metal pieces from your premises. All you need to do is give us a ring to schedule a collection. We also offer other services relating to scrap metal. One of these is a scrap metal skip hire. If your business is likely to need regular scrap collections, it makes sense to hire a scrap metal skip. With a scrap metal skip, you will have one designated place for all your business’ scrap metal pieces. This keeps your work premises tidy and safe. Thereafter, when the scrap metal skip is full, all you do is give us a ring for a handy, free collection.

We can tailor our scrap collection in North Wales to meet your business’ specific needs. We have a range of different sized skips for hire. Additionally, we have a number of different sized vehicles with which to collect your scrap metal. For more details about our scrap collection services, contact Spencer Industrial today. We’ve gained an enviable reputation over our 60 plus years in business for our excellent services, and our commitment to recycling scrap metal responsibly. We accept different types of scrap metal, including ferrous and non ferrous metal. When you use our services, you’ll receive a personal and efficient service you can rely on.