Scrap Collection in Wirral

Choose a Council Approved Scrap Metal Dealer in Wrexham

Scrap Metal Dealer in WrexhamIf you’re looking for an authorised scrap metal dealer in Wrexham for your scrap metal recycling, we can assist.

We offer a wider range of services. These include an efficient scrap metal collection as well as a factory clearance service. With over 60 years of experience as a scrap metal dealer, you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent service. We understand how important scrap metal recycling is in today’s world. Every piece of scrap metal that is recycled goes a long way in helping conserve our environment. We welcome all sellers of scrap metal, with both large and small quantities.

When you have ferrous and non ferrous metal in Wrexham, a scrap metal dealer will purchase them from you. We recycle scrap metal. As such, we will pay you a fair price for your scrap metal pieces that you no longer want. When you recycle your scrap metal, you are lessening your carbon footprint. This is something that every business, as well as individuals should aim for. We can help you in this regard. Our services include a scrap metal collection. This means that if you have a large amount of scrap metal to dispose of, we will collect it from your premises, free of charge. We take pride in offering a personal and professional service. On top of that, we are council approved as well as licensed by the Environment Agency. This provides the assurance that we will responsibly recycle your scrap metal.

A scrap metal dealer in Wrexham also offers a scrap skip hire service. We have a range of different sized skips that will meet your needs. Using a scrap metal skip ensures that your business can collect all scrap metal pieces safely, as well as store them out of harm’s way until collection. If you are looking for an authorised scrap metal dealer, contact Spencer Industrial today. Another service that we offer is industrial demolition. If you have industrial machinery and equipment that needs to be dismantled and scrapped, our expert team can assist. We can visit your site and provide a free estimate for the amount of metal to be scrapped.