Scrap Collection in Chester

A Profitable and Reliable Scrap Collection in Wrexham

FScrap Collection in Wrexhamor reliable and profitable scrap collection in Wrexham, get in touch with the specialists. Spencer Industrial has been one of the leading operators in this sector for more than sixty years. We offer a comprehensive range of services including scrap collection, factory clearance, industrial demolition and more. You may need help with factory clearance of old equipment and machinery. These items are heavy and difficult to move and transport. We ensure that they are safely transported, in compliance with the prevailing local and national regulations. Clients in the North West and North Wales regions can call us for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our scrap metal collection service is free of charge. Our team offers friendly, professional and trustworthy services.

For our clients in Wrexham, scrap collection merchants and companies must be chosen carefully. This is because there are very stringent rules that govern collection, sale, recycling, transportation and payment in this industry. Unless your service provider is in compliance, you could be breaking the law. The scrap service must have valid and appropriate licenses to collect the metals that they’re allowed to. This license is provided by the local council. Environment Permits are also required. Many clients may confuse this with the T-9 permits that some merchants have, but it’s not the same thing. They may also need a Waste Carriers License. Another aspect that you should pay attention to is integrity and reputation.

When you contact a company for scrap collection in Wrexham, make sure that the paperwork is in order. Waste Transfer Notes must be provided at every collection and the company must have the right accreditation. Pricing is based on the current value of the metals market. In December 2012, laws mandating cashless trading in scrap metals trading came into effect. Payments are made using your BREAD card, by cheque or bank transfer, though there are some exceptions. Contact Spencer Industrial for more information on our services. We are glad to provide you with the right assistance.